Education and Foundation

There is nothing better to build upon than a strong foundation. At AWP Youth Performance is to establish a solid athletic career through education and fundamental experiences. Programs at this level are focused on a recreational experience and less on results driven training.

Our focus is to empower athletes and develop confidence through professional sports training, preparing them for life on and off the field.


Youth performance - Ages 8-14

Youth Performance focuses on educating young athletes on the mechanics of how their bodies move in a fun and engaging environment. Kids learn and master the basics of correct physical movement, as well as coordination to lay a foundation for future movement progression and performance training. Concentrating on correct physical movements, kids learn to use their bodies safely on the field of play, reducing risk of injury. While education is a constant focus, the goal of training begins to shift to an increase of athletic potential and performance. Athletes experience an age-appropriate training progression that includes how to correctly transition and progress in areas of weight, speed, and agility.

Training Categories:

  • Baseline Movement – perfecting body weight movement and exercise development relative to body strength. This baseline training is essential to learn correct movement patterns
  • Balance and Stability – learning single leg balance and importance of core stability
  • Plyometric Principles – practicing proper movement of skipping, jumping, and landing
  • Linear Speed and Agility – developing the technical skills of running and changing directions
  • Coordination Training – developing hand/eye coordination through throwing and catching objects
  • Character Development – learning core character principles that benefit a child on and off the field: confidence, self-esteem, respect, and hard work. 
  • Strength Development – age-appropriate weight room training
  • Stability Development – core training focused on increasing linear speed, agility, stability, and strength
  • Plyometric Development – vertical training relative to improving speed and agility
  • Speed Development – linear speed development focused on acceleration
  • Agility Development – body control improvement focused on change of direction and reaction