Training Philosophy:

AWP focuses on developing both the body and mind. The two fundamental principles behind AWP’s training philosophy are education and total body strength. Primarily, we believe in educating each athlete on the purpose behind training, as well as proper techniques for all exercises. This allows our athletes to fully understand and develop their bodies, and teaches them how to maximize their results.

Second, we believe in developing total body strength and core stability, targeting and training each muscle group, minimizing weak points and preventing injury. Building total body strength and conditioning serves as the perfect foundation to optimize athleticism. We use a variety of training techniques – from video analysis to high-level competition – to ensure we obtain maximum results.

Sports Performance Training at AWP Sports creates a higher level of athlete. Our programs seek to change motor behavior in athletes to help them perform at times of great physical and mental demand. Focusing on athletes' motor programs and correct movement patterns creates a more efficent athlete. AWP athletes are also taken out of their comfort zone to push abilities in competition. This changes the complexity of tasks and environment, creating well-rounded athletes that can perform at a high level in a varierty of situations.