• Improved flexibility
  • Improved mobility and range of motion
  • Increased join stability
  • Reduced risk of injury and pain
  • Increased core strength
  • Correct movement patterns

prep performance - Ages 12-18

Prep Training focuses on year-round physical and mental training through a sport specific approach and character development. This type of training can also be geared to multi-sport athletes with more than one competitive season in a calendar year. AWP’s training periodization centers on four phases, each phase consisting of three month cycles of performance training.

  •  Prep Performance (Months 1-3) – Following a season a general prep mentality is critical for body recovery, focused on the areas of: joint stability, joint mobility, range of motion, strength development, and technical development. Performance Prep provides a time of year when athletes focus on physical health, healing, and movement correction.
  • Off-Season Training (Months 4-6) – The goal here is simply increase physical output. Specific strategies are put in place for strength gains, as well as an increase in speed, agility, and overall sports performance.
  • Pre-Season Training (Months 7-9) – Athletes focus on force and speed application, training movements repeatedly. Training intensity and competition are pushed each day, prepping athletes to perform and adapt under pressure. The goal here is to help an athlete’s performance peak for their competitive season in an environment that directly translates to the field of play.
  • In-Season Training (Months 10-12) – Maintenance and physical health drive this season of training. During a competitive season it is important for an athlete to maintain off-season training gains and progress. Understanding how to approach in-season training is crucial to physical health and maximized athletic performance. Here, the focus is maintaining strength, joint mobility, stability, speed, strength, and agility to reduce performance decline during a season and help decrease chance of injury.
  • Corrective Exercises (Year Round) – Focuses on developing a strong and balanced core. The shoulders, hips, and torso create the core and are foundational for all movements. A critical role in athletic performance, core corrective exercises are the first step in success by preparing the body for future work. This focus works to help protect athletes from injury and boost physical performance.