About AWP Sports Performance

Performance training is an essential part of an athlete’s development to maintain and improve athletic ability. With age appropriate training, physical deficiencies can be corrected and allow the education of correct movement progression, increasing physical output.

The goal of AWP Sports Performance is to teach, improve, and implement functional movement efficiency, force production/absorption, and rapid response to cues and stimuli for the purpose of advanced in-game readiness. This goal is pursued through implementing components of speed, strength, and power systematically in a competitive, relationship driven, purpose filled environment.

Our program consists of three distinct phases of training:Cognitive, Associative, and Autonomous. Within these phases, we feel athletes within their given wide spectrum of ability; will learn to establish a baseline understanding of movement for tasks, learn to apply these baseline movements to tasks, and lastly master high level movement through understanding and execution in any variance of task. This system ensures that athletes learn how to functionally respond to in-game tasks with speed and efficiency.

In addition, our AWP Sports Performance program upholds the importance of progressive strength systems; understanding that strength, power, and force production are the essential building blocks and foundation of an athlete's progress. Our unique system of strength and speed incorporation into each class setting, aligned with our understanding of mobility and recovery make our performance programs a great choice for all athletes.

At the onset of training each athlete is evaluated through a comprehensive assessment. Throughout training each athlete also takes part in quarterly testing and data analysis.




Youth performance

There is nothing better to build upon than a strong foundation. At AWP our focus for Youth Performance Training is to establish a solid athletic career through education and fundamental experiences. Programs at this level are focused on a recreational experience and less on results driven training.


Prep performance

Prep Performance focuses on year-round physical and mental training through a sport specific approach and character development. This type of training can also be geared to multi-sport athletes with more than one competitive season in a calendar year. AWP’s training periodization centers on four phases, each phase consisting of three month cycles of performance training.


NFL Combine Training

Reach superior physical and mental performance through specialized training program designed to help athletes peak for NFL testing.

Designed for football athletes preparing for the National Football League. Achieve superior physical performance through training with specialized programming to peak athletes for NFL Combine testing. Solidify character foundations mentally and spiritually