About US

At AWP Sports, we believe in training athletes to be the total package. Our focus goes beyond the intensity of competition to include an expectation of character and respect for the game, players, and authorities. Athletes at AWP Sports can experience a peace in their enjoyment of competition, gain humbleness while developing athletic abilities, and learn about their purpose beyond an athletic career.

Mission Statement:

Long term development of athletes seeking purpose beyond athletics.

AWP Sports Creed:

We believe in honoring the process of success; understanding that being growth conscious is far above being goal conscious. Thus Athletes With Purpose understand that sustaining the endurance takes foundational principles of faith, character, and conditioning the sustain their growth as they honor the process of success. As you enter these walls remember, success is contagious in an environment and culture where it is expected. Thus, mold this environment free of distraction and full of purpose.

Purpose Beyond Athletics