awp Code of Conduct

Athletes With Purpose (AWP) Sports holds athletes accountable for their attitudes, actions, and influences. Inappropriate behavior and/or disrespect of authorities and fellow athletes will not be tolerated. AWP Sports strives to promote and preserve a positive, safe training environment. Athletes training with AWP work in a disciplined, purpose-filled atmosphere and will respect the AWP code of conduct.

An Athlete With Purpose agrees to respect and honor authorities and fellow athletes by obeying the following:

• Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
• Profanity will not be tolerated.
• Abrasive, explicit, and vulgar music will not be tolerated.
• Offensive apparel will not be tolerated.

The AWP team thanks our athletes for helping to cultivate a positive and encouraging training atmosphere.


At AWP Sports we believe in training athletes to become the total package. Our focus goes beyond the intensity of competition to include an expectation of character and respect for the game, players, and authorities.

Athletes at AWP Sports can experience a peace in their enjoyment of competition, gain humbleness in their athletic abilities, and learn about their purpose beyond an athletic career.